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For your beauty start from the head


Our philosophy

Our aim has always been to reduce stress through the care of the scalp and hair, respecting the environment and people.

Our products are beauty rituals that give strength, brightness, rebirth and new vigor to the hair.

The Heart of our products is the Red Radicchio of Treviso, vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The production is handmade so as to keep the antioxidant properties contained in the Red Radicchio unchanged, a slow and cold filtered maceration.

Mario Lorenzin dal 1975


  • ECO-SUSTAINABLE: we live in a sustainable leadership capable of seizing and making the best use of local resources while respecting the ecosystem and therefore future times .
  • EFFICACE: riportiamo i tuoi capelli alla sua bellezza originale.
  • NATURAL: we use natural-based products, handmade and packaged with care.
  • AUTHENTIC: our product is authentic, at km 0 of the territory from which the company was born, natural and effective.

Every detail is studied and analyzed meticulously, nothing is left to chance.


Our philosophy

reduce Stress

starting from the head! 



Telefono: +39 0423 78 48 40
Mail: Info@mariolorenzin.it

Indirizzo: Via Brentanella, 59 A – 31023 – Resana (TV) Italy


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